Students in Wicomico County schools are participating in a monthly technology challenge. Each month a different theme is presented. Students used Animoto.com to create a multi-media project responding to that theme. Completed projects are sent to Mrs. Molnar at cmolnar@wcboe.org. Students completing the tech challenge are entered into a montly prize drawing. At the end of the year all students participating throughout the year are entered into a drawing for an iPod Touch.

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Wicomico Middle School

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Possible Standards:

  • Compose oral, written, and visual presentations that express personal ideas, inform, and persuade.
  • Identify and explain the main idea.
  • Draw conclusions and make generalizations.
  • Connect text to prior knowledge or personal experience.
  • Compare the differences between what the reader imagines visually when reading to the dramatization of those sights and sounds from a literary text.
  • Explain the likenesses and differences among an audio, filmed, or staged version of a literary text.

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