• You can have ActivStudio and Inspire at the same time.
  • You can create in ActivStudio and open in ActivInspire, but not the other way around.
  • You can open ActivPrimary from within ActivInspire.

    You can paste the results from an ActiVote into your chart.

    "I discovered I always have a choice and sometimes it's only a choice of attitude" Abraham Lincoln
  • Benefits - single solution software - activprimary is included/votes and expressions are also built in so you can use it with both
  • Operates in most familiar interface - looks like microsoft - toolbar is on top instead of the main menu button
  • Same functionality but simple to use
  • Customize toolbox - not highlighted means already on my toolbar. click on it and add it
  • You can add to the object edit box

    Browser Window: if you want your browser window to stay open - pin it
  • Resources - View Browsers resources are second button is resources
  • Object browser helps with layering . . . shows you what layer everything is on. If you want to change the layer you just click and drag it.
  • Note browser - shows all the notes in your flipchart.
  • Properties Browser - tells you all about each object
  • Action Browser - allows you to assign actions to all the objects.

    Eraser completely deletes off of the page - only erases annotations

    Magic Ink - old eraser

    Labeling - property browser - select, name, tool tip - hover and reveals answer

    Connector Tool - lines that allow you to connect shapes that will stay connected no matter where you move them on the page. Great for graphic organizers.

    Shape Tools - you can morph shapes from one shape to another.

    Multimedia - brings up my files