Wicomico County has many resources that you can use to support your instruction. Here are a few.

Grolier - Provides articles, news stories, magazines, websites and other media with the option to sort by Lexile


  • Decades– 20th Century American Sources(Includes advertisements, documents, editorial cartoons, memoirs, literary works, maps/charts, art, photographs, articles, speeches)
  • Discoverer – General Reference Database Designed for Young Researchers(sort by Lexile)
  • Government Reporter – Historic and Government Documents, Directories and Almanacs (sort by Lexile)
  • Interactive Citizenship – What Citizens Need to Know, Series of Interactive Books
  • Issues Researcher – Covers the leading issues most studied and debated by students. GREAT for argumentative writing.
  • Renaissance – Current Perspectives on the Arts and Humanities
  • Spotlight –Focus on a different topic each month. Provides non-fiction text about the societal, political and culture of a different topic each month.

Lexile Analyzer
  • Paste your text into a Word document
  • Save it as a .txt file and click ok on the pop up window
  • Browse to find your saved document and click submit
  • Your Lexile will pop up on the right hand side of the screen
  • You must be a registered user to use this site.

Nettrekker – Standards-based educational search tool*

Culturegrams Concise, reliable and up-to-date country reports, including photos, videos, interviews, famous people, recipes, flags, graphs and tables. Search by drop down menu or click on the map. If you want to extend students' knowledge on a culture this is your database.

ProQuest– Journal articles, Trade publications and Consumer publication

eLibrary Elementary (ProQuest) - reference resource, designed specifically to engage and guide beginning and younger researchers.

Maryland Public Library Free Database

  • Auto Repair Reference Center – Find step-by-step auto repair procedures written specifically for the Do-it-yourselfer, but comprehensive enough for professional technicians.
  • Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia – Useful to both adults and students, this encyclopedia provides reliable information on a wide variety of topics.
  • Heritage Quest – Trace your family history and/or American cultural history.
  • History Reference Center – Search History oriented reference books, encyclopedias, history journals, documents, biographies, images, videos and maps.
  • MAS Ultra – School Edition – Magazine Articles Summaries Ultra guides high school students to numerous full text research sources, as well as health and personal interest topics.
  • MasterFILE Premiere – Search a wide variety of journal articles, magazine articles, primary source documents, reference book entries and images.
  • Middle Search Plus – Helps connect middle school students to a wide range of age appropriate magazines, biographies and reference works. This database includes photos, flags, maps and an unabridged dictionary of the English language.
  • Science Reference Center – Science oriented reference sources, science journals, biographies and science related animations, videos and images.
  • Student Research Center – Search a wide variety of information in magazines, reference books, photos, flags and country reports among other sources. For Middle and High School students.