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Engage NY - has Common Core Exemplars (lesson seeds)

Guide to Creating Questions for Close Analytic Reading


Lord of the Flies


To Kill A Mockingbird


The Scarlet Letter

The Odyssey

60 Second Recap

County Databases

Plagiarism - Copy and paste your content into the text box and choose the search engine you want the site to use. You must sign up to use the site.

Duplichecker - This site allows users to copy and past information into a text box and check for originality. Users have the option of including quotes or not. You can also choose to check through 3 search engines. Additionally, you can upload a .txt document. Any Word document can be saved as a plain text document and uploaded to check for duplications.

Plagiarism Checker- This free service searches for duplications using phrases taken from various parts of the paper.

Article Checker- Copy and paste the content into the text box. Users can also check the content of a webpage by pasting hte url into the site. The checker uses Google and Yahoo to scan for duplicates. The duplicates will open in another window.

Plagiarism Detect- This site provides paid and free options for services. Both options will require a sign up. The free option provides the option for uploading a document or text file or pasting the contents into a text box.

Doc Cop- provides the service of checking files and url. the File Check option allows users to scan and compare up to 8 documents. This would be an easy for teachers to check plagiarism among their own students.